Winner of the best pasty shop in Cornwall by Parkdeans pasty trail.

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We were suprised and delighted to see that we had won the Parkdeans best pasty shop in Cornwall on their pasty trail. They used both trip advisor and google reviews to see which pasty shop came out on top and it was us! This is the first time we have had any recognition, in the way of awards for all our hard work and we are thrilled.

We feel we have come a long way from three of us standing in my little cottage kitchen making ten to twenty pasties a day to today when we employ six other people and make almost a thousand pasties a week. It has been hard, physically and mentally but it has also been exciting and thrilling to see it grow. We have worked very hard to keep the quality of our product as we increase our output and we shall continue to stick to the same high standard that we started with.

We know our pasties are not as cheap as many of the larger firms but we are not mass producing 30,000 pasties a week and our are larger than most with a higher meat content. We feel this is reflected in the superb taste of our pasties.

If you have not tried an OTT pasty yet, please do, you shall not be dissapointed.

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